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Rottnest Island Info

A Paradise on Earth

Small creek with a boat and a lot of rocks

With 63 spectacular beaches, 20 beautiful bays, surrounded by several exquisite coral reefs and shipwrecks, Rottnest Island has some of Australia’s best snorkel trails, swimming spots and surf breaks. On dry land, Rottnest Island is home to many unique flora and fauna, including the happiest animal on Earth – the world famous quokka.

Feeling Peckish?

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Local food and gastronomic traditions are part of Rottnest Island holiday experience, so why not discover the flavours of Rottnest Island during your next trip. Click the link for some of the places where you can wine and dine when visiting.

Need Some Ideas?

Young couple with bikes at the beach

Rottnest Island is renowned as an A-Class Reserve measuring 11 km in length and 4.5 km in width, perfect to explore by bike, under your own pedal power or with one of the great tour packages listed below! Book now and discover all that Rottnest Island has to offer.

Rottnest Island Guide Map

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